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Five qualities to look for in new employees

In this issue:

5 Qualities to Look For in New Employees

Are You Sabotaging Your Career Chances?

Are Your Reference Checks Doing Any Good?


What do your employees expect from you?

In this issue:

What Light Industrial Workers Expect from Employers

Background Check? Here's What You Need to Know Beforehand

Start Planning Internships Now!


Do you know what today's job seekers are looking for?

In this issue:

Do You Know What Today's Job Seekers Are Looking For?

Why Creativity Should Be on Your Resume

How to Recover From Employee Loss


Are you hiring the cream of the crop?

In this issue:

Cream of the Crop: How to Hire the Best New Grads

Slack Off on Your Job Search Last Year? Here's How to Be Productive!

How to Create a Better Office Culture


The secret to happier (and better!) employees

In this issue:

The Secret to Happier (and Better!) Employees

Is Now the Right Time for a Job Hunt?

Should You Give Temporary Employees Bonuses?


Looking to fill seasonal gaps?

In this issue:

Using Temporary Employees to Fill Seasonal Gaps

What to Ask For This Year: Strong Referrals!

Important Leadership Lessons Taught Through Failure


Can you afford to lose good candidates?

In this issue:

The Real Cost of Employee Turnover

Management Priority Check: Are You Staying on Target?

5 Keywords that Give Resumes Away as Entry Level


What can a recruiter do for you?

In this issue:

How a Recruiter can Boost Your Bottom Line

Should You Provide Benefits to Temporary Employees?

Easily Avoidable Networking Mistakes


Answering THE toughest candidate question

In this issue:

Hiring Temps for Long-Term Potential Business Growth

How to Answer THE Toughest Candidate Question

Five Tips for Handling a Manufacturing Career Shift


Top 5 Benefits for Using Temp Employees at Your Business

In this issue:

How to Find Temps in a Candidate-Driven Market

Five Benefits of Using Temp Employees for Your Business

Four Networking Tips to Help You Land a Job


Why wellness matters in your company

In this issue:

Four Steps to Land a Job After Graduation

Three Reasons Wellness is Important to Your Temp Workforce

Four Items to Highlight on Your Resume Other Than Your GPA


How the ACA is affecting your business

In this issue:

How the ACA is Affecting Your Business

How to Keep an Eye Out for Your Next Temp Job

Text and Email Etiquette for Temps


Are you losing employees?

TempStaff features:
-How Temp Work is Driving the Workforce
-How to Follow Up If You Do Not Get the Job
-Why Lose Talented Employees? Retain Them!


I have 9 Questions for You

TempStaff features
-How to Use Social Media to Recruit Candidates
-9 Questions to Ask Your Staffing Provider
-What is Temp-to-Hire?


Do you know what to look for?

TempStaff features:
-What to Look for in a Temp Resume
-5 Ways to Land a Temp Job in Jackson
-How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Staffing Firm


Background Check Results

TempStaff features:
-What Questions Should I ask the Employer?
-What Background Checks do Staffing Firms Provide
-3 LinkedIn Groups for Jackson, MS Job Seekers


Did you review the checklist?

TempStaff features
-Mississippi Workers' Comp Checklist Updates
-5 Apps to Find Lunch Near Your Temp Jobs
-8 Steps to a Polished LinkedIn Profile


Looking for free career training?

TempStaff features:
-The Benefits of Working with a Local Temp Agency
-Temp Jobs Provide Career Training
-What Questions to Ask the Employer


How to Approach a Temp-to-Perm Opportunity - TempStaff

TempStaff features:
-What Questions to Ask the Employer
-Facebook Flirts with Professional Skills
-How to Approach a Temp-to-Perm Opportunity


How to Conduct a Successful Interview for Cultural Fit - TempStaff

TempStaff features
-How to Format Temp Work on My Resume
-7 Incentives for Hourly Employees
-Conduct a Successful Interview for Cultural Fit


5 Ways that Make Seasonal Temps More Efficient

TempStaff Features:
-5 Ways that Make Seasonal Temps More Efficient
-4 Ways to Stand Out as a Candidate
-Select the Right Candidate for the Job


Want to be a Better Interviewer? - Here's How

TempStaff features:
-Conducting a Successful Interview
-Change Company Culture to Increase Productivity
-Build a Talent Pipeline: Here's the Secret


Advantages of Temporary Staffing

TempStaff Features
-Reasons to Use Temporary Staffing for Business
-5 Tips for Writing a Candidate Rejection Letter with Tact
-Tips for Better Employee Training


Are You Memorable?

TempStaff Features:
-The Question Your Resume MUST Answer
-Improve Employee Quality of Work Life Balance
-Are You Memorable as a Job Candidate?


Is Your Workplace Dull?

TempStaff Features:
-3 Ways to Improve Your Workplace...Now!
-Are You Prepared for the Five Generation Workforce?
-Networking Refreshers - Network Your Way to Work


How to Improve the Candidate Experience -- TempStaff

TempStaff features:
-Improve Candidate Engagement with Great Job Descriptions
-Focus on the Candidate Experience for Improved Recruitment
-Keep Employees Engaged and Ready to Go!


Interview Questions to Tell You Everything About the Candidate | TempStaff

TempStaff Features:
-What Interview Questions Can Reveal About the Candidate
-Asking for the Right Recommendations
-Creating Your Online Cover Letter


Networking Beyond LinkedIn | What Works

TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Executive Traits that Indicate a Cultural Fit
-Understanding the Millennial Candidate
-Ways to Network, Other Than LinkedIn


Are You Ready for the Changing Job Market? | TempStaff Newsletter

TempStaff Newsletter
-Preparing for a Changing Job Market
-Your Employment Brand | Why It's Important
-Be Memorable | Interviewing Tips


TempStaff Newsletter | Projected Top Jobs of 2020

TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Projected Top Jobs of 2020
-New Employees Heading in the Right Direction
-Customer Experience is Key


TempStaff Newsletter: Who Was Your Best Boss?

The TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Resume Acceptable Social Profiles
-The Key to Great Leadership
-Who Was Your Best Boss?


TempStaff Newsletter: Your Management Toolkit

TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Your Management Priorities
-Social-Era Strategies
-Improving Leadership Through Failure


How to Recruit Top Talent: TempStaff Recruiting Newsletter

In this issue of the TempStaff Recruiter Newsletter:
- Your Staffing Agency Checklist
- What Employees Really Want From Their Boss
- Using Facebook to Recruit Top Talent


TempStaff Newsletter: Compensation Plans to Attract Top Talent

In this TempStaff newsletter we highlight:
-Tips for Conducting Background Checks in the Digital Age
-Compensating Outside the Box to Attract Top Candidates
-Why You Don't Have to be High Tech to Get a Job With an IT Company


The Interview Experience - Are You Doing It Right?

In this issue...

The Interview Experience - Are You Doing it Right?

Keep Your Employees Engaged This Summer

Gen Y Employees: How to Find and Retain Them


Make Your Team Meetings More Productive!

Monthly staffing newsletter from TempStaff. May 2012
In this issue: set new hires up for success, develop a social media policy, and have more productive team meetings.


Social Media Recruiting 101

Monthly Newsletter from TempStaff. March 2012. In this issue: Don't fear overqualified candidates, social media recruiting 101, and hiring executives