TempStaff Newsletter

Do you know what to look for?

TempStaff features:
-What to Look for in a Temp Resume
-5 Ways to Land a Temp Job in Jackson
-How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Staffing Firm


Background Check Results

TempStaff features:
-What Questions Should I ask the Employer?
-What Background Checks do Staffing Firms Provide
-3 LinkedIn Groups for Jackson, MS Job Seekers


Did you review the checklist?

TempStaff features
-Mississippi Workers' Comp Checklist Updates
-5 Apps to Find Lunch Near Your Temp Jobs
-8 Steps to a Polished LinkedIn Profile


Looking for free career training?

TempStaff features:
-The Benefits of Working with a Local Temp Agency
-Temp Jobs Provide Career Training
-What Questions to Ask the Employer


How to Approach a Temp-to-Perm Opportunity - TempStaff

TempStaff features:
-What Questions to Ask the Employer
-Facebook Flirts with Professional Skills
-How to Approach a Temp-to-Perm Opportunity


How to Conduct a Successful Interview for Cultural Fit - TempStaff

TempStaff features
-How to Format Temp Work on My Resume
-7 Incentives for Hourly Employees
-Conduct a Successful Interview for Cultural Fit


5 Ways that Make Seasonal Temps More Efficient

TempStaff Features:
-5 Ways that Make Seasonal Temps More Efficient
-4 Ways to Stand Out as a Candidate
-Select the Right Candidate for the Job


Want to be a Better Interviewer? - Here's How

TempStaff features:
-Conducting a Successful Interview
-Change Company Culture to Increase Productivity
-Build a Talent Pipeline: Here's the Secret


Advantages of Temporary Staffing

TempStaff Features
-Reasons to Use Temporary Staffing for Business
-5 Tips for Writing a Candidate Rejection Letter with Tact
-Tips for Better Employee Training


Are You Memorable?

TempStaff Features:
-The Question Your Resume MUST Answer
-Improve Employee Quality of Work Life Balance
-Are You Memorable as a Job Candidate?


Is Your Workplace Dull?

TempStaff Features:
-3 Ways to Improve Your Workplace...Now!
-Are You Prepared for the Five Generation Workforce?
-Networking Refreshers - Network Your Way to Work


How to Improve the Candidate Experience -- TempStaff

TempStaff features:
-Improve Candidate Engagement with Great Job Descriptions
-Focus on the Candidate Experience for Improved Recruitment
-Keep Employees Engaged and Ready to Go!


Interview Questions to Tell You Everything About the Candidate | TempStaff

TempStaff Features:
-What Interview Questions Can Reveal About the Candidate
-Asking for the Right Recommendations
-Creating Your Online Cover Letter


Networking Beyond LinkedIn | What Works

TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Executive Traits that Indicate a Cultural Fit
-Understanding the Millennial Candidate
-Ways to Network, Other Than LinkedIn


Are You Ready for the Changing Job Market? | TempStaff Newsletter

TempStaff Newsletter
-Preparing for a Changing Job Market
-Your Employment Brand | Why It's Important
-Be Memorable | Interviewing Tips


TempStaff Newsletter | Projected Top Jobs of 2020

TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Projected Top Jobs of 2020
-New Employees Heading in the Right Direction
-Customer Experience is Key


TempStaff Newsletter: Who Was Your Best Boss?

The TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Resume Acceptable Social Profiles
-The Key to Great Leadership
-Who Was Your Best Boss?


TempStaff Newsletter: Your Management Toolkit

TempStaff Newsletter Features:
-Your Management Priorities
-Social-Era Strategies
-Improving Leadership Through Failure


How to Recruit Top Talent: TempStaff Recruiting Newsletter

In this issue of the TempStaff Recruiter Newsletter:
- Your Staffing Agency Checklist
- What Employees Really Want From Their Boss
- Using Facebook to Recruit Top Talent


TempStaff Newsletter: Compensation Plans to Attract Top Talent

In this TempStaff newsletter we highlight:
-Tips for Conducting Background Checks in the Digital Age
-Compensating Outside the Box to Attract Top Candidates
-Why You Don't Have to be High Tech to Get a Job With an IT Company


The Interview Experience - Are You Doing It Right?

In this issue...

The Interview Experience - Are You Doing it Right?

Keep Your Employees Engaged This Summer

Gen Y Employees: How to Find and Retain Them


Make Your Team Meetings More Productive!

Monthly staffing newsletter from TempStaff. May 2012
In this issue: set new hires up for success, develop a social media policy, and have more productive team meetings.


Social Media Recruiting 101

Monthly Newsletter from TempStaff. March 2012. In this issue: Don't fear overqualified candidates, social media recruiting 101, and hiring executives